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Since 1926 Pashley has embraced the needs and aspirations of its customers and has translated them into a unique range of cycles. Continuing this tradition, we are pleased to offer a range of accessories and attire: The Pashley Collection.

For a number of years we have offered a small but popular selection of leather accessories for our bicycles. Our loyal customers have given us valuable feedback about these products, including many requests that we extend the range, not only for the cycles themselves but also for their owners.

Encouraged by their enthusiasm and following the Pashley principle of ‘different by design…distinctive by nature’, we set about the process of creating a new range of cycle-friendly accessories and attire.

Focusing on designing and producing carefully crafted items, we remain inspired by classic styles and traditional craftsmanship and have taken great care to source British materials and producers wherever possible.

Above all, we have worked hard to ensure that each new product is beautiful, useful and unique, serving to enhance the riding and ownership of a Pashley cycle.


The Products


We feel passionate about creating products that we ourselves love and enjoy using; The Pashley Collection should complement the everyday lifestyle of the Pashley cyclist perfectly. With this in mind, each piece has been created to reflect the timeless elegance of a Pashley cycle, as well as its practicality.

Balancing this functionality with distinctive style, we’ve also given each product its own special ‘Pashley’ twist, provided by unique touches such as our classic-print fabrics and bicycle-inspired colour palette.



Unsurprisingly, Pashley owners rarely choose to wear lycra whilst out on their bicycles, preferring their everyday attire instead. As we developed the range, we worked with the firm idea that each garment should work well not only for cycling, but also ‘out of the saddle’; in other words, stylish enough for our customers to wear at the office or in the pub, and practical enough to keep them comfortable on the journey there.

Our customers are discerning folk, so we steered well clear of obvious cycling-specific design and instead focused on discreet functional detailing – such as ‘action-back’ tailoring and reflective tweed trim – to create garments to suit the relaxed cycling style that a Pashley bicycle encourages.  We’ve also sourced high-quality natural fabrics, such as fine grade New Zealand Merino wool, to ensure superlative performance and comfort.



Our existing range of leather accessories has remained popular since it was launched over ten years ago. The new Pashley Collection accessories share many features of the original range; hand-crafted in Britain, they are classic pieces that work perfectly with and for Pashley bicycles and their owners.

Possessed of simple, understated elegance, each design is formed using traditional fittings and robust, natural materials – such as bridle leather or lined canvas – that enable it to fulfil its function beautifully.

As well as taking design inspiration from our bicycles, we have also drawn on Pashley Cycles’ rich heritage, in particular with the ‘Rath’ Despatch Bag; crafted from leather with hand-finished detailing, it harks back to the bags used by Pashley’s founder William ‘Rath’ Pashley during his time as a despatch rider in World War I.


Design and Manufacture


In collaboration with well-established British designers, Pashley’s small creative team has been devoted to sourcing the best raw materials and seeking out skilled producers of quality fabrics, attire and accessories.

Sourcing British manufacture for the Collection has been very important to us; Pashley would not exist without the support of customers who value the British birthplace of their bicycles. There are still manufacturers in Great Britain who produce beautifully crafted, high-quality items, and we are delighted to have worked with them on many of the items in the Pashley Collection. Where this has not been possible, we have worked with carefully chosen producers in both Europe and New Zealand.

Taking exceptional care and paying close attention to detail, the team are proud to have created a beautiful, quintessentially British Collection.


We Hope You Like It…


We have thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating The Pashley Collection, and hope that our customers will find something to cherish and enjoy in these new products. As ever, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback; please do drop us a line!


You can write to us at: The Pashley Collection, Masons Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 9NL.

Alternatively, call us on 01789 413113 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm), or email us at


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